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An MIT and Harvard student come together...

Gohar Khan and Mahad Khan came together to found Next Admit in 2020 with one mission: to help high school students navigate the college application process and get into their dream schools. Both brothers graduated as valedictorians from the same, small public high school in Connecticut. Gohar went on to study at MIT, and two years later, Mahad ended up down the river at Harvard. They had no outside support during the application process, finding that most counseling firms were overpriced and outdated. The two founded Next Admit to provide affordable and premium college counseling services to students around the world.

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The Reality

Getting Into College is Harder Than Ever

Schools such as Harvard and Stanford regularly reject students with a 1600 on the SAT. These students also often have great leadership roles, hundreds of community service hours, and numerous awards from activities such as track and debate.

We'll Help You Craft a Standout Application

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What Does it Take to Get In?

Remember a Few Things

It's Not Impossible

You Need the Right Approach

The Ivy League isn’t looking for sports team captains, science olympiad medalists, debate team champions, classical pianists, or perfect scorers. Rather, the nation’s top colleges want students with compelling stories—people who will effect change within their college communities and beyond.

The crux of getting into a top college depends on developing your hook—a strong and nuanced theme by which the admissions officers will remember your application.

Myth: Colleges love well-rounded students.
Myth: The more classes you take, the better.
Myth: You should join many different clubs.
Ignore The Myths

What Are They Looking For?

Most students and parents do what they think the admissions officers want to see. We’re told that colleges want students who excel academically, join lots of clubs, take the hardest classes, and volunteer in their communities. This is not the approach you want to take.

You want to build a story—a narrative that ties together things you do, the classes you take, and the application you build. You should exude humility, intellectual curiosity, thoughtfulness, self-awareness, leadership, and ambition. We'll help you do that.

Where do we come in?

Our Services

Essay Review

We'll provide comprehensive edits and feedback to help strengthen your college essay.

We'll look at:

  • Overall structure/style
  • Diction/wordiness
  • Grammar/syntax
  • Flow/voice
  • ...and more
College App Review

We'll take a holistic look at one of your applications and make sure all parts come together.

We'll look at:

  • Your personal statement
  • Supplemental essays
  • Activities section
  • Honors section
  • ...and all other parts
Consultation Call

Get on a call with one of our consultants to discuss anything pertaining to college admissions.

Topics include:

  • Live essay assistance
  • Application strategy
  • Mock interviews
  • Test prep
  • ...and more