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College Essay Review

We'll provide comprehensive edits and feedback to help strengthen your college essay in as little as 24 hours. We'll check that your essay is both grammatically correct and engaging. Click here to learn more.

Your consultant will cover:

Grammar and syntax
Diction and wordiness
Flow and voice
Structure and style
Areas for improvement
Strength of topic
College Essay
College App Review

We'll take a holistic look at an application for one of your schools and make sure all parts come together to present the strongest version of you possible. Click here to learn more.

We'll provide feedback and edits for the following parts:

Personal statement
Activities section
Honors section
Supplemental essays
Additional information
All other sections
College Application
Activities List Review

We'll provide detailed feedback on your activities list to help it stand out to admissions officers. Click here to learn more.

Submit it for help with:

Verb choice
Quantifying work
Highlighting impact
Consultation Call
Consultation Call

Get on a call with one of our consultants. You can choose your consultant and specify what you want to cover in the call. Click here to learn more.

Topics you can request include:

Live essay assistance
Mock interviews
General Q&A
Application strategy
Test prep
Anything else!
Consultation Call
This has honestly been the best help out of anything I've received in the last three months. I needed someone to be brutally honest with me and not sugarcoat any section of my application. I feel that now I have a clearer understanding ... and that my chances of getting into Cornell will improve immensely. Thank you for the great insight! —K.R.
Receive high-quality essay edits in as little as 24 hours.
Our consultants come from top schools like Harvard and MIT.
Our consulting team has an average rating of 4.95/5 stars.
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