Founding Team

Gohar Khan
MIT 2021
Co-Founder and CEO
Accepted To: MIT, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Brown

Gohar graduated from MIT with a double major in Computer Science, Economics, Data Science, as well as Business Analytics. During his time at MIT, Gohar worked as an operations intern on Wall Street and a research assistant at the MIT Media Lab. In high school, Gohar graduated as valedictorian and was a leader in multiple clubs. He remembers how daunting the admissions process can be and hopes Next Admit can make college counseling services more accessible to students worldwide. You can also find his college app advice on his TikTok account, @GoharsGuide, which has over one million followers.

Mahad Khan
Harvard 2023
Co-Founder and COO
Accepted To: Harvard and Yale

Mahad is a junior at Harvard studying Economics with a secondary in Psychology. He served as the last Procurement Manager at Harvard Student Agencies, the world's largest student-run company. In high school, Mahad was valedictorian of his class and a leader in numerous organizations. He earned early admission to Yale, and due to this free time (he only applied to Harvard afterwards) Mahad spent most of his college application season helping his friends edit their essays. Mahad understands the application process is not an easy one, but with his guidance he hopes he can make it easier for other students.


Accepted To: Harvard

Iris is a student at Harvard concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. Currently, she is the Managing Director of The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies. She is also in multiple Christian fellowships and is on the women's ultimate frisbee team. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, and creating animations. Iris knows how important a strong application is and loves to help others find their own personal touch.

Accepted To: MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, and Brown

Jose Aceves studied Biology and Chemistry at MIT. At MIT, he worked in a brain and cognitive science lab studying brain processes in zebrafish. Aside from research, Jose is involved in high school mentoring, dance, and leadership. In high school, Jose received acceptances to 7 Ivy League schools. He is interested in providing the framework to help high school students navigate the college application process.

Accepted To: Stanford, Dartmouth, Cornell, Duke, Rice, and UT

James Wei is a student at Stanford studying Economics and Computer Science. At Stanford, James serves as a Vice President of the Stanford Pre-Business Association and is interested in promoting financial literacy as well as pursuing a career in finance. He has co-created InvestorPrep, which works to introduce and teach others about investing and the stock market. In his free time, he loves to play basketball with friends, make tiramisu, and play video games. James is excited to help students bring forward the best in themselves and create a holistic story for their applications.

Accepted To: Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, and Brown

Omar is a student at Harvard concentrating in Computer Science. He is interested in medicine and plans to apply to medical school following his undergraduate studies. In the future, he hopes to use the capabilities of computer science, more specifically artificial intelligence technologies in the field of medicine, to create solutions for existing problems in healthcare. He is also interested in the startup space and working on multiple ventures of his own. Omar remembers just how daunting the application process was, and now that he has been through it, he is excited to help others do the same!

Accepted To: MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Georgia Tech

Jose studied Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in CIR (Controls, Instrumentation and Robotics) and a minor in Design. In high school he competed in FTC and MATE underwater robotics, and now at MIT he is the CEO and Mechanical lead of the competitive robotics team. In his free time he enjoys photography and playing guitar. After graduation he will be working at Amazon Robotics, and plans on eventually going back to school to get his MS and MBA.

Accepted To: Harvard

Noor is a student at Harvard studying Neuroscience with a secondary in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. She is interested in medicine and assuring equitable healthcare for immigrant communities. At Harvard, she is involved in research relating to women’s and newborn health in Uganda. In the future, she hopes to use her interest in science, languages, and cultures to improve the quality and outcomes of medical procedures. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, and staying active. Noor knows how important it is to add a personal touch to college applications, so she is excited to help students achieve that!

Accepted To: Harvard

Katherine is a student at Harvard studying Government and Economics. Outside of class she helps run Harvard’s Model United Nations and Model Congress conferences and is a member of the Harvard College Consulting Group. In her free time, Katherine enjoys cooking, hiking, and painting. She is excited to help make the college process less overwhelming and more accessible to all of Next Admit’s students!

Accepted To: Dartmouth

Fred graduated from Dartmouth College in 2021 with a degree in Government. After earning early admission to Dartmouth College, Fred worked as a research assistant for multiple professors in the field of international relations and as a peer tutor. In addition, Fred enjoys hiking, working out, and reading histories and philosophy. Acutely aware of how intimidating and stressful the college application process often is, Fred hopes to aid students on this journey.

Accepted To: Harvard

Nia is a student at Harvard studying Government and African American Studies. On campus, Nia is the captain of the Harvard Crimson Dance team, a member of Harvard College Consulting Group, and the president of the Harvard Black Pre-law Association. Outside of school, Nia enjoys dancing and binging reality TV shows. She is looking forward to helping students from all backgrounds navigate the intricacies of the college process.

Accepted To: MIT, Williams, and Swarthmore

Zion studied Mechanical Engineering, Management and Theater. At MIT he also works in the Admissions Office, Office of the First Year, and the Office of Minority Education. In his free time he enjoys long walks in the city, reading, and playing soccer. He is passionate about helping people be the best possible version of themselves and showcase their desirable traits.

Accepted To: Harvard

Natalia is a student at Harvard studying Applied Physics. On campus, she is a member of the Women’s Club Volleyball Team and Women in Physics. Outside of class, Natalia enjoys hiking with her dogs, baking, and traveling. She is excited to help bring out students’ color and personality to their pieces and make this stressful time more manageable.

Accepted To: MIT and Princeton

Pedro studied Mechanical Engineering. He plans on attending medical school where he wants to specialize in internal medicine. While at MIT, Pedro has been an Undergraduate Researcher at several different labs. In his free time, he plays the guitar and also enjoys running. Pedro is excited to help students navigate the college application process.

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