This has honestly been the best help out of anything I've received in the last three months. I needed someone to be brutally honest with me and not sugarcoat any section of my application. I feel that now I have a clearer understanding on how to go about the next couple of days before my deadlines and that my chances of getting into Cornell will improve immensely. Thank you for the great insight!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mahad was able to get my edits back to me in a fast and timely manner, especially since I only submitted the essay to him the day before. He helped cut down on some of my words, answered the numerous questions I ended up putting at the end of my essay, and overall helped polish up my essay so I can submit it within the next few hours. I am confident that admissions officers will read a well-thought and standout essay when they look at my application and it is all because of Next Admit. If there was an option for 6 stars out of 5, I would give this service 10.

Fred did a great job of putting himself into the shoes of an admissions officer and offering constructive criticism. He not only pointed out flaws, but also provided great suggestions for fixing them. Thanks for such a comprehensive edit.

Gohar helped me eliminate unnecessary elements in my essay, and provided comments that made my essay stronger and more detailed. Thank you!

As usual, these essay edits are incredibly thorough, understandable, and beneficial. I am able to fix mistakes that I would otherwise overlook. Thank you so, so much for the detailed insight and advice!

I have been in touch with Gohar for the last few months now, and, to say the least, he has been nothing but helpful and caring. His advice and editing are unparalleled, and I would advise any student to work with him. It is always a pleasure to have him edit through my work and help me fix my mistakes.

Jose left great comments and definitely told me what I need to hear. He was also very helpful even when we had some technical difficulties. Thank you for the help!

Exactly what I needed. The consultant did everything I asked for and more! 100% would recommend next admit to anyone struggling with their college essays.

Excellent feedback and is well worth the price.

The feedback was very personal and detailed, and it opened a lot of questions and ideas I hadn't thought about before for my essay! It was very helpful!

Thank you!!! Your comments were extremely helpful and thorough.

Helped me focus the narrative of my essay more and directly addressed the answers to the questions I had.

Amazing Feedback! Mahad knows what he is doing and with his comments, I feel so much better about my application. Thank you!

Your edits helped me tremendously! I now know the right direction I should take to make this essay the best it can be. Thank you!

Awesome reasoning and guidance on recommendations! I plan on coming back!

Mahad gave incredibly helpful, thorough feedback on all aspects of my essay, including a long comment at the end! Thanks so much!

Mahad was extremely helpful, his super insightful feedback really helped guide me in the right direction to accurately answer the prompt. Thank you so much!

Zion was incredibly helpful and pointed out things on the structure of my activities list that I would have never been able to detect. Thanks for your help Zion!

Thank you so much! You really helped me make my essay deeper and more meaningful!

Your comments helped me make my essay so much stronger, thank you so much!

Mahad was great! He answer my follow up questions and gave me an extensive review for my essay.

This really helped me with the layout of the message I am trying to share! Thank you so much!

Pierre provided clear suggestions on what I need to do next. This is very helpful!

Outstanding experience! Next Admit was a blessing and very affordable. My consultant Katherine W. was awesome.

Thank you so much. Noor was so incredibly helpful. I will definitely be using Next Admit for my supplemental essay review as well!

This consultation call cleared up a lot of stress for me. I really look forward to working with Next Admit!

Mahad has been such a great help with this college admissions process. Not only did he do a great job explaining what all of my prompts were truly looking for, he also helped me brainstorm ideas to better connect my narrative to myself and how I wanted to portray myself to admissions officers. He even took a look at all my supplemental essays and gave me ideas on how to better approach each essay. I can confidently say that this call put me light years ahead of where I was a day ago. Thank you so much for the affordable and amazing service! I would recommend this service to anyone looking to make their college application/essay stand out.

Zion provided comprehensive feedback which I thoroughly appreciated (I especially enjoyed his correction of certain tenses and language). Plus, he actually made me feel more confident about my essay with his compliments, which I like to think are honest. His comments make me excited to improve my essay and produce the best work possible (I just hope it is unique and captivating enough for the Admissions Officers).

I absolutely loved the feedback I received! I had actually worked with another college essay service for my personal statement, and they didn't provide me nearly as much feedback. The suggestions were thorough, and I gained a great understanding of how my essay is perceived.

John did a phenomenal job with my essay edits. I tasked him with the difficult job of helping me condense my essay down while maintain central ideas. He exceeded my expectations and was able to cut down my originally 650 word supplemental engineering essay to roughly 600 words and gave me great tips on where I could further explain myself with my remaining words. I loved that he made a personal connection to my essay and honestly explained how he felt about the ideas I presented. John saved me hours of editing, going back and forth with myself and trying to figure out what admissions officers want to see. I am finally ready to hit 'submit' on Common App! Thank you so much!

Jose, Thank you so much for all your feedback!!! I don't think I can express how much it has helped me!! I hope you have a great holiday season and new year. THANK YOU!!!

I loved your in-depth feedback; I feel confident in my work and I know exactly what to improve on. Thank you!

SUPER HELPFUL! Thank you so so much. I would 100% recommend this to someone else.

Mahad was very helpful in answering all my questions in a timely manner. I would use this service again solely because of that.

I loved the feedback on this essay, it brought to my attention several aspects that may seem quite common. The line-by-line edits combined with the paragraphs of feedback were extremely helpful and I am glad I participated in this service. Thank you!

Really helpful; getting started on an essay is usually the hardest for me so getting help with gathering details and examples and ideas was super great to have.

Pedro L. is extremely helpful and quick with responses. Thank you so much, Pedro!

Gohar helped me by giving me the right suggestions to not only improve my essay but also reflect my true voice and identity in my essay. He was very professional and on time with the order!

Working with John was an amazing experience. His edits were clear and concise. I look forward to working with him!

Whew. Harsh, but much needed. It's Nov. 1st and I just submitted it! Couldn't feel more confident—and it's all thanks to Gohar!

Zion has helped me so much for my essays. His comments are so thorough that really help me strengthen my essays. If I knew about Next Admit earlier, I would come here sooner. Thank you so much Zion!

Really thorough evaluation and even wrote a summary of all the thoughts in a short letter at the end, it was very helpful!

Mr. Khan gave amazing feedback. I will definitely use what he said to make my essay better. Thank you so much!

Amazing thank you for making my essay stronger.

Thank you so much! Feedback was very helpful.

Solid Feedback John, THANK YOU!

The feedback was really thorough and it was clear what I needed to change and exactly how I should do that. Thank you!


I just wanted to say thank you so much to Natalia for providing such intricate revisions within my personal statement. I'm so appreciative of your time and effort; thank you so much again!

Amazing session! Got weeks of work done in an hour.

It was great! Can't wait to work more with you in the coming future!!!

Really helpful! I didn't realize that my second essay was a little bit cliche, so it was helpful to get the advice of someone outside of my bubble. Thank you so much, I'll definitely be back with a new Common App essay!

Once again, I highly recommend Mahad K. as a Next Admit Consultant. He was able to help me see how my original essay didn't exactly answer the prompt I gave him and gave me suggestions on how to improve my essay to better address the key points I wanted to include. While I did have to reconstruct my entire essay, I highly value the feedback he gave me, which I believe made my new essay ten times better than the original. Nothing but five stars for him!!!

Beyond knowledgeable. Natalia was SO helpful. Not only did she have an amazing personality, which made for a personable experience, she provided amazing feedback that was explained in detail. Such an amazing consultant.

Mahad thoroughly edited my essay, and his extensive comment inspired me to completely revamp my essay to make it more unique. I really appreciate his help, and would definitely recommend him.

Omar Shareef was an excellent NextAdmit Consultant! He was able to catch the mistakes I did not notice, and provide feedback that added to the validity and overall flow of my essay. Most importantly, his suggestions allowed me to retain my own voice throughout essay, which is a courtesy I was unable to experience with any other editing service. I highly recommend Omar Shareef to anyone who is looking for an honest, helpful, and understanding consultant.

Super valuable feedback. The edits were very helpful and provided me insight into the parts of my essay that had potential for improvement. I definitely feel much more confident in my essay and more ready to submit my application!

Very insightful comments and suggestions!! I will definitely be using this service for future college essays and would recommend to a friend.

John is an amazing writer, his strong vocabulary and ability to modify sentences helped my essay tremendously. He was so understanding when I asked him for additional help and questions about his comments. He helped me through the different ideas I had and was a great collaborator!

Iris was so helpful and made my college essays amazing!! She was very encouraging and helpful, I’d definitely recommend it to a friend!!

Thank you so, so much! Your edits and comments were extremely thorough and beneficial. I now feel confident submitting this essay!

Honestly, I loved the advice, personal notes, and comments that were made in the essay. It really showed me what I was lacking and where I can improve on in my essay and definitely feel like it was worth the money.

Gohar provided amazing feedback on my common app essay. I like how the Next Admit literally looks through every single line and offers advice on improving the style and keeping it concise. However, my favorite part is where they provide overall comments. Gohar was able to explain to me the positives and negatives about my essay and the steps I take to make it better.

This guy never lets me down! If you need help getting into college, Gohar is the guy to talk to. Amazing working with him!

I want to thank you soo much for guiding me in the right direction because I was in a big writers block. The suggestions were really specific and helpful :DD

Great suggestions and edits, feeling more confident than ever in my application now :)

Thank you very much! The comments and the feedback helped me a lot to look at my essay from another point of view and see what I can improve.

The feedback was insightful and I have a good sense of what I must improve

I really love Omar's feedback on my college essay. Thanks a lot for editing and commenting on it!

Jose's edits are extremely helpful and thorough. Thank you so much for providing me such clear advice and information that I can use to strengthen my essay.

Amazing service and revision, can't thank you enough for helping out not only me but others as well with their essays.

It was amazing working with Gohar!

Super in-depth and helpful, thank you for your help!

Thank you! Your edits & comments helped me tremendously.

Unbelievable editing. I feel much more confident about the application process!

I like the edits and suggestions for even more improvement. He gave me a good idea of what to head towards next. Also a great job editing without [changing] the voice or prose of the essay!!