What is Next Admit?
Next Admit is a college admissions consulting firm helping high school students get into college. We're focused on providing premium and affordable advising services to help students put their best foot forward when applying to college.
What services does Next Admit offer?
Next Admit currently offers four services: essay reviews, college application reviews, consultation calls, and writing sessions. You can learn more about these products on our services page.
What makes Next Admit different from other consulting services?
Next Admit is modern and affordable. Most consulting services have antiquated websites and consultants who are far-removed from the admissions process. On the other hand, all of our consultants are recent admits to top universities, so they understand how the admissions process has been in recent years. Likewise, we offer Next Admit Portal—a centralized platform on which you can interface with your consultants, keep track of orders, and stay on top of your college applications.
Do you work with international students?
Yes, Next Admit works with international students. Our platform makes it easy for consultants and students to coordinate meetings across different time zones.
Is Next Admit only for students who want to go to top schools?
No, Next Admit is not just for those looking to apply to top schools. Next Admit is a service for all high school students, regardless of where they hope to apply. Our mission is to help every student that wants to go to college get into college.
Who are Next Admit's consultants?
Next Admit's consultants are recent admits to the Ivy League, Stanford, and MIT. As students who have recently navigated the admissions process, they are here to help you put your best foot forward.
How does Next Admit assign a consultant to my order?
Once you place an order, our algorithm assigns your order to a consultant based on more than 10 different factors. We strive to match you to the perfect consultant for your needs.
Essay Reviews
Can I choose a certain consultant for my essay or application review?
Currently, we do not allow you to choose specific consultants for essay and college application reviews. However, you can choose a specific consultant when you book a consultation call.
What if I'm not satisfied with my revisions?
If you are not satisfied with your revisions, please contact us at We will handle all cases on an individual basis.
College App Reviews
How do I submit my college application for review?
Please either save your college application as a PDF, or copy and paste all parts of your college application into a separate document. Please redact any personal information, such as your SSN, if it appears on the application.
Consultation Calls
What can I talk about during my consultation call?
You are free to talk about anything during your consultation call. However, on the order page, please specify what topics you intend to talk about so your consultant can prepare in advance.
What if I want a call longer than one hour?
If you would like to talk for more than one hour, please order multiple consultation calls from the same consultant and specify under “Topics” that you would like to stack them together.
Writing Sessions
Will you write my essay for me?
No, we will not write your essay for you. We will, however, provide advice that can help you to write the best essay you can.