Stanford SAT Scores: Full Breakdown

Stanford SAT Scores: Full Breakdown

Stanford University, renowned for its academic excellence and innovation, sets high standards for its students. In this article, we will explore how those standards translate into Stanford SAT scores and requirements. Make sure to also explore our other articles discussing Stanford’s ACT statistics and requirements.

What is the average SAT score at Stanford?

As expected, Stanford SAT scores are exceptionally competitive. The average SAT score at Stanford hovers around 1550, nearing the maximum SAT score of 1600. The 25th percentile for SAT scores at Stanford University stands at 1500, while the 75th percentile is an impressive 1580. This indicates that 25% of Stanford students scored below 1500, while 25% scored above 1580. These figures reflect the rigorous academic standards of the university, demonstrating that there isn’t a single score requirement for admission.

Stanford University SAT composite score chart

What is the average SAT English score at Stanford?

The SAT comprises two sections: English (reading and writing) and Math. Each section is scored out of 800, culminating in a combined total of 1600 for the overall SAT score.

Stanford’s average SAT English score stands at 760, with the 25th percentile score at 730 and the 75th percentile at 780. Therefore, an SAT English score below 730 places you in the lowest 25%, while a score above 780 puts you in the highest quarter of Stanford’s SAT English scores.

Stanford University SAT English score chart

What is the average SAT Math score at Stanford?

The average SAT Math score at Stanford University is an impressive 790, indicating a strong emphasis on quantitative aptitude. The 25th percentile for Math scores rests at 770, while the 75th percentile reaches the maximum of 800. This implies that a significant portion of Stanford’s SAT Math scores are perfect. However, it’s essential to note that achieving a perfect score isn’t a strict requirement for admission, given the distribution of scores.

Stanford University SAT math score chart

What are Stanford’s SAT requirements?

Stanford University maintains a test-optional policy. This means that applicants are not required to submit ACT or SAT scores. However, applicants are welcome and encouraged to submit any standardized test scores they believe will enhance their application. While self-reporting SAT scores is permissible, admitted students planning to enroll must submit official score records.

Additionally, Stanford does not require the essay portion of the SAT, but applicants are requested to report their scores if they have taken the essay portion.

More details regarding Stanford’s SAT requirements can be found on their Admissions Overview webpage.

What percentage of Stanford applicants submit the SAT?

Of the admitted applicants for the fall of 2021, 49% submitted SAT scores, while 23% submitted ACT scores. Approximately 28% of applicants chose to omit standardized test scores from their application. While the SAT remains a popular choice among admitted Stanford applicants, there’s no inherent advantage to one test over the other, emphasizing individual circumstances and preferences.

Should I go test-optional?

Submitting competitive SAT scores can bolster an applicant’s chances of admission to a prestigious institution like Stanford. Therefore, we recommend that students capable of doing so take the SAT. However, the decision to submit scores ultimately rests with the applicant, as opting not to submit scores will not disadvantage their application. Consider your scores in the context of Stanford’s average scores to make an informed decision.

Does Stanford superscore the SAT?

Stanford University does practice superscoring for the SAT. This means that they consider the highest scores in each section across all test dates submitted by the applicant. Applicants are encouraged to submit multiple test scores if they believe it reflects their abilities more accurately.

What’s a good SAT score for Stanford?

Stanford does not have specific SAT score requirements or cutoffs, emphasizing a holistic approach to admissions. While there’s no single score guaranteeing admission, aiming for a score at or above the average would position you competitively. Scores falling within the 25th to 75th percentile ranges are considered favorable.


Can I get into Stanford with a low SAT score?

While challenging, gaining admission to Stanford with a below-average SAT score is possible. Stanford students with scores in the lowest quartile scored at or below 1500, which is still a high score. However, strong academic and extracurricular achievements can compensate for lower scores. Stanford values initiative, leadership, and supplemental essays as well as standardized test performance.

When should I take the SAT for Stanford?

For students planning to apply during their senior year, taking the SAT in the junior spring semester is advisable. Restrictive Early Action (REA) applicants can take the SAT until the early October of their senior year, while Regular Decision applicants can submit scores until the December SAT.

What is Stanford’s SAT code?

Stanford’s SAT code for submitting official test scores is 4704.

In conclusion, while Stanford University no longer requires SAT scores for admission, strong scores can enhance an application. However, the decision to submit scores is personal, and applicants should consider their strengths and goals. For more information on the ACT, check out our article on Stanford ACT scores!

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