Dartmouth SAT Scores: Full Breakdown

Dartmouth SAT Scores: Full Breakdown

Dartmouth College, known for its academic excellence and strong sense of community, sets high standards for its applicants. In this article, we will explore Dartmouth’s SAT scores and requirements to help you understand what it takes to stand out in the admissions process.

What is the average SAT score at Dartmouth?

Dartmouth’s average SAT score is around 1550 out of 1600. The 25th percentile for SAT scores at Dartmouth is 1500, and the 75th percentile is 1580. This means that 25% of Dartmouth students scored below 1500, and 25% scored above 1580. While these scores reflect the high standards of the institution, there is no one score that guarantees admission.

Dartmouth College SAT composite score chart

What is the average SAT English score at Dartmouth?

The average SAT English score among accepted Dartmouth students is 760, with a 25th percentile score of 740 and a 75th percentile score of 780. These scores demonstrate the high level of academic proficiency expected from Dartmouth applicants.

Dartmouth College SAT English score chart

What is the average SAT Math score at Dartmouth?

The average SAT Math score among successful Dartmouth applicants is 790, with a 25th percentile score of 760 and a 75th percentile score of 800. On average, successful applicants to Dartmouth score 20-30 points higher on the math section of the SAT than on the English section.

Dartmouth College SAT math score chart

What are Dartmouth’s SAT requirements?

For the Class of 2029 and beyond, Dartmouth has reinstated its standardized testing requirement. Applicants must submit either SAT scores or ACT scores in order for their application to be considered. Moreover, Dartmouth allows applicants to self-report their scores on their application, but official score records are required for admitted students who plan to enroll.

What percentage of Dartmouth applicants submit the SAT?

Among Dartmouth applicants, 42% submit SAT scores, while 24% submit ACT scores. In the past, 34% of applicants on average chose to omit standardized test scores from their application, a number which will be 0% for the Class of 2029 onward. While submitting a high SAT score can boost your application, Dartmouth considers a variety of factors in its holistic review process.

Does Dartmouth superscore the SAT?

Dartmouth does superscore the SAT, so admissions officers will consider the highest section scores regardless of test dates or platform.

What’s a good SAT score for Dartmouth?

Dartmouth does not have specific SAT score requirements or cutoffs. However, most admitted students have high standardized testing scores. While there is no one score requirement, aiming for a score at or above the average of 1550 can only strengthen your application. In addition, Dartmouth’s admissions officers emphasize that scores that are high for individual students’ high school contexts are valued as high scores, even if they are below the average Dartmouth student’s score.


Can I get into Dartmouth with a low SAT score?

While getting into Dartmouth with a low SAT score is challenging, it is not impossible. Dartmouth considers various factors, including academic performance, extracurricular activities, high school context, and supplemental essays, seeking students who will thrive at Dartmouth in all aspects of student life.

When should I take the SAT for Dartmouth?

For students applying via Early Decision (application deadline: November 1), the last test date for the SAT is in November. For students applying in the Regular Decision round (application deadline: January 2), the last test date for the SAT is in December. That said, it’s often considered optimal to take the SAT spring of your junior year of high school.

What is Dartmouth’s SAT code?

Dartmouth College’s SAT code is 3351.

Dartmouth College values academic excellence and looks for well-rounded students who demonstrate leadership and initiative. While SAT scores are an important factor in the admissions process, they are just one of many factors considered. By understanding Dartmouth’s SAT scores and requirements, you can better prepare your application and increase your chances of admission to this prestigious institution. If you are instead considering taking the ACT, check out our article about Dartmouth ACT scores!

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