Duke SAT Scores: Full Breakdown

Duke SAT Scores: Full Breakdown

Duke University, renowned for its academic rigor and vibrant campus community, holds its applicants to high standards, including in their SAT scores and requirements. In this article, we’ll delve into the average SAT scores at Duke University and the nuances of their admissions policies. If you’re considering the ACT, check out our article on Duke’s ACT statistics and requirements.

What is the average SAT score at Duke University?

Duke University’s SAT scores are highly competitive, reflecting the caliber of its student body. The average composite SAT score at Duke stands at 1550 out of a possible 1600. For the 25th percentile, the SAT score is 1490, while for the 75th percentile, it rises to 1570. This indicates that while Duke maintains high standards, there’s a range of scores among admitted students, emphasizing the holistic nature of their admissions process.

Duke SAT composite score chart

What is the average SAT English score at Duke University?

Breaking down the SAT into its sections, Duke University’s average SAT English score is 760. The 25th percentile score for English is 730, and the 75th percentile is 770. This underscores the importance of both verbal aptitude in Duke’s admissions considerations.

Duke SAT English score chart

What is the average SAT Math score at Duke University?

Duke’s emphasis on quantitative proficiency is evident in its average SAT Math score of 790. The 25th percentile score for Math is 760, while the 75th percentile is a perfect 800. This highlights the university’s expectation for strong mathematical skills among its applicants.

Duke SAT Math score chart

What are Duke University’s SAT requirements?

Duke University maintains a test-optional policy for applicants. Students who choose not to submit SAT or ACT scores will not be disadvantaged in the admissions process. The University evaluates applications comprehensively, considering various factors beyond standardized test scores.

Duke accepts self-reported SAT scores for initial assessment purposes. Official scores sent from testing agencies are required only from successful applicants who choose to enroll at Duke. Additionally, Duke University no longer requires applicants to submit SAT essay or ACT writing scores.

What percentage of Duke applicants submit the SAT?

Currently, 49% of admitted Duke applicants submit SAT scores, indicating a substantial but not overwhelming proportion. Similarly, 37% submit ACT scores, while 14% choose not to submit standardized test scores. Duke University emphasizes that submitting test scores is entirely optional and will not impact admissions decisions; these percentages reflect that submitting test scores is important, but not necessary.

Should I go test-optional?

Whether to submit scores is a personal decision for each applicant. However, a competitive score can only enhance an application. Therefore, if circumstances allow, it is recommended that every applicant take either the ACT or SAT at least once. If the test goes well, the score will bolster the application, while a poor performance can be omitted from the Duke application without penalty.

Does Duke superscore the SAT?

Duke University considers applicants’ highest scores in each section of the SAT across multiple test dates, but does not create superscores. Applicants may choose the Score Choice option for the SAT, allowing them to select specific test dates to submit scores from. Students need not submit all of their test scores if they do not feel those scores reflect their capabilities.

What’s a good SAT score for Duke University?

Duke University does not have specific SAT score requirements or cutoffs, emphasizing a holistic approach to admissions. However, aiming for scores within or above the 25th to 75th percentile ranges mentioned earlier would put applicants in a competitive position. Ultimately, Duke values academic excellence and diverse accomplishments beyond standardized testing.


Can I get into Duke with a low SAT score?

While Duke University’s SAT scores are competitive, demonstrating strong academic and extracurricular performance can compensate for lower standardized test scores. Duke considers the overall profile of applicants, including their achievements, leadership, and contributions to their communities.

When should I take the SAT for Duke University?

For students planning to apply to Duke University, taking the SAT in the spring of their junior year is advisable. However, applicants can take the SAT until the November 6 of their senior year. 

What is Duke’s SAT code?

Duke University’s SAT code for submitting official test scores is 5156.

In conclusion, while Duke University places importance on SAT scores, its admissions process is comprehensive and considers various aspects of applicants’ backgrounds and achievements. Whether to submit SAT scores is a personal decision, and Duke values applicants’ strengths and potential beyond standardized testing. If you’re planning on submitting the ACT, then check out our article on Duke’s ACT scores!

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